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Welcome to our website, Porter Lock Co., Ltd. is a full experienced lock manufacturer. There is many information about our specialty and products. Lock looks like a small part in every products, but there is a great responsibility on its shoulder just liked front-line soldier. Porter Lock knows that lock is a cornerstone to protect every product.

Therefore, we dedicated to making that every lock has very long life cycle. We has always taken every manufacturing stage seriouly (e.g., meterial, components dimension, cutting key, assembly, quality assurance,etc). For the past twenty-seven years, Porter Lock has fulled experience on manufacturing lock.

One of Porter Lock's great products have a patented cylinder lock. Thousand years of mechanical lock history has many evolution and some defects. Porter Lock focus on these main defects and invents new type of patented lock named LIVING cylinder lock. When offender wants detainer in cylinder lock, the LIVING mechanism will happen similar seesaw actions. These actions will protect lock not to be cross over easily.

Porter Lock co., Ltd. has a great honor to cooperated with every our clients. Hope that Porter's products bring the maximum of effectiveness for our clients and the maximum protection for every users.


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